Mount Pleasant Ministries

Capital Campaign Vision Ministry

Responsible for making recommendations (Ways and Means) from within and without the congreations to meet the physical facility needs of our growing congreations at the current and Chesapeake site.

Christian Education Ministry

The christian education department provides a holistic educational approach to learning on a continued basic to enhance learning; spiritual growth and a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Church School Ministry

Ehances learning for all ages. The open forum encourages individual participation and input revealed through the word.

Couples Ministry

As two learn to become one couples will walk together, grow together, and server together.

Discipleship Ministry

Developing new members in their spiritual life & the teaching MPBC Mission & Purpose.

Finance Ministries

Finance Ministry is responsible for using intergrrity when handling God's financial resources.

Ministries Cont.

Get out of Debit (GOOD) Ministry

Ministry provides options and training for personal debt reductions and cancellation.

Greeter Ministry

Demonstrating the love of God by letting every person who come through the curch feel like a part of the MPBC family.

Healing Hands Ministry

Ministry the word of God in a holistic manner to the family and the individual.

Ladies Auxiliary Ministry

Breakfast meeting held 2nd Saturday at 9:00am.

Loving Care Ministry

The loving care ministry is there to show love to families who have lost love ones or need assistance with food preparations for an affair. (funerals, wedding, anniversary & etc.)

Media Ministry

To edify the body of Christ by serving the church with quality sound and digital video for Television broadcast a church website.

Ministries Cont.

Mission Ministry

The mission ministry purpose is to reach Men, Woman, Youth by education, giving, and living for Christ.

Music Ministry

Praise to the congreation through songs.

Nursery Ministry

The nursery ministry exists to provide and ensure safte, loving, christian child care to children ages 4 months to 4 years old who parents are worshipping or fellowshipping at MPBC.

Pastor's Aid Ministry

The mission of the pastor's aide ministry is to be at the aide of our pastor by making certain that he is comfortable as possible and that his surrounding are suitable.

Praise Dance Ministry

To offer praise unto God with movement of the body.

Saint-to-Saint Ministry

An in-house outreach ministry to MPBC congregation that empowers one leader and 12 members for mentoring and discipleship.

Ministries Cont.

Singles Ministry

The single ministry goal is to develop unique, whole and separate individuals through the study of God's word. To encourage those of us, who are single divorced, separated, or widowed, through christian fellowship, education, and social activities during the blessed session in our lives.

Social Action Ministry

Provides assistance to those in need of shelter, utilities, and search through various organizations who provide help and monetary assistant to those in need. Seek information to aide in well being of the sic and elderly.

Sports Ministry

To fellowship with one another and interact with other churches by playing softball and basketball. All ages and genders are able to participate.

Substance Abuse Ministry

Show love and support to those who are struggling with substance (alcohol, prescription, over the counter, or drugs) or for those who have family members or know someone that may be struggling with drug abuse.

Titus Women Ministry

Ministry of help designed to assist the pastor with non pastoral ministering needs.

Outreach Ministry

To minister and build confidence using techniques that allow an individual to regain self-esteem.

Ministries Cont.

Usher Ministry

Responsible for ensuring that the congregation is seated in an orderly manner.

Widow Ministry

To assist widows with life after the loss of a love-one.

Youth Ministry

Our childrens & student ministries are designed to lead our youth down the path of Christ. We are getting them into the word of God and the life styles of Christ. Our youth are important. The youth ministry is an investment in your children future.

Women In The Word

Women group sessions led by Elder Wynee Edwards.

Men On The Move

Men group sessions led by Pastor Davis.